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Optimizing digital marketing cost for startups and small business

Starting a business can be chaotic for many, and eventually, keeping the expenditures in control is a big catch for success. To get yourself a little relief and head start to your startup, bestow the push of digital marketing tactics in your plan.

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it has accessibility to all irrespective of their size, location, budget and type.

This article provides you with efficient tools and low-cost means for startups or small businesses towards digital marketing. In this list, we will take a brief look at only the most important digital marketing tools used by businesses worldwide.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for search engine optimization that aims towards a set of activities to enhance the website ranking in search engine results like Google & Bing. SEO stands a great importance for its being almost the only long term organic way to rank high in search listings. The expenditure depends on how aggressive the implementation is, but it can be pretty inexpensive if planned and targeted well spread over from a medium to long term. Once the benefits start reaping its minimum efforts to maintain them.


SEO Costing

Generally, SEO costs around INR 10,000 to 30,000 in the beginning. A firm can either hire a freelancer or a marketing agency like BrandStrate Solutions who would evaluate and make a custom plan for your SEO project. Discuss your budget with them and get a custom SEO plan ready for your business.

2. Search Advertising or PPC(Pay Per Click)

Search advertising or Pay Per Click is a sort of advertising by the search engines (Google, Bing) to place your ads on top of the search pages irrespective of your actual rankings. You pay for every click that takes place on your Ad. It's really a quick way to generate leads through search engines. It is instrumental for new and upcoming businesses to grab their share from the existing and well-settled competitors.

The PPC cost depends on many factors like the quality of the landing page and its reliability, among others. PPC costs around Rs 2-50 per click typically. An average budget of Rs. 200-300 per day can be a good starting point. Pay attention to these vital points at no additional cost and lower your PPC spending.

Tips to reduce PPC Cost

To make advertisements more effective, one can opt following methods:
● Add PPC extension to give a better and more reliable look
● Make advertisements clear and specific
● Run a few versions of your Ad and compare the results often
● Optimizing your landing page
● Finetune your audience

3. Social Media Optimization

These are improvements in your FB, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media pages towards providing complete and updated information. Use your handle to create a meaningful engagement with clients, not just broadcast.

Tips for the effective social media

To make best use of social media for business, one can follow these standard methods:
● Using suitable tags with posts
● Precise and informative content
● Communicate via microblogging
● Do little research and create interesting content
● Frequent updates of your activities


4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses different social media platforms for promotion and to engage with existing and potential customers. It is sort of replacement of newspaper or magzine advertising of last decade. The most common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter.

Choosing the right and highest return on investment is an excellent way to eliminate the possible deficit occurring in SMM. In this way, you need to redirect your publications only to higher and better performing social media sites. WhatsApp is the farthest but rapidly upcoming, more convenient and straightforward way to interact with the audience/customers.

Different media platforms have different categories of Ads and vary a lot in terms of pricing. There is no thumb rule but one should start with just a couple in the beginning (not all at once) with a limited cost per day like Rs 100-300 per day. Then compare within 3-4 days which platform and which Ad is giving you better value for money.

Facebook Ad Retargeting

Retargeting starts with finding people who have engaged with your business. It uses a custom audience to lower your base but to achieve a highly potential audience. The custom audience for retargeting is nothing but the list of customers or previous leads from your existing CRM. This can reduce your Ad cost substantially. You can remind people about the products they've browsed and/or purchased on your website or Marketplace. Select dynamic ads to make use of the feature in Facebook Ads.

5. Google Local Business

Google Local Business enlisting is the easiest way to take your local business on the infinite market of the virtual world. This is a free service and is widely used by the users to locate your business in Google Search and Maps.

Benefits of Google Business

● Free listing in Maps
● Manage Google reviews from customers
● Respond to Customer's query and feedback
● Update your business Info, open time close time etc.

6. E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing uses the direct emailing way to inform or invite the audience toward your product or organization. It's a cost effective way to establish valuable contact with your customers or potential audience.

E-mail Marketing Cost

The tools used to send mass E-mails can be Free or paid like MailChimp (monthly price as low as USD 10 per month). Remember - Don't Spam, but ping people you know to tell you are up and kicking.

With all these tips, it's still very important to always encourage the better idea, and as digital marketing is a growing trend, consider analyzing and re-implementing the digital marketing process for the same. To ensure the budget of digital marketing in control, frequently analyze the output and ROI. Always keep the bar aligned as per the market conditions. It is essential because the market is constantly changing.

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